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About Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center in Cedar RapidsHistory

Founded in 2005, the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center was invited to the area by the primary care veterinarians of eastern Iowa.

Our hospital opened with an emergency team and a board certified surgeon. We have since added specialists board certified in internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology and emergency/critical care. Our doctors work in partnership with primary care veterinarians to provide advanced diagnostics, treatments and procedures.

What to Expect

Upon your arrival, if your pet's vital signs indicate that he or she is unstable, a staff member will take your pet to our doctor for immediate assessment and stabilization. As in human medicine, every second is critical when dealing with an emergency; our staff is trained to triage quickly and act appropriately. You will be asked to stay with the receptionist so that the information we need for your pet's medical record can be obtained. Do not be alarmed, a staff member or doctor will return shortly to inform you of your pet's status and discuss a plan for medical care.

If your pet is stable when you arrive, a staff member will obtain a history and physical examination. Following the initial exam, the doctor will do a more complete exam and then make recommendations for diagnostics and/or treatment.

While discussing your pet's care, the doctor will also discuss the cost of that care. An estimate will be given and when you and the doctor have made a collaborative decision on a plan, a deposit will be required. Any balance still due when care is complete is payable upon discharge.

For the duration of your pet's care we will communicate with you and your veterinarian regarding your pet's medical condition and progress. We will also keep you up to date on the status of your bill and we will do our best to work within the budget you have established for your pet's care.

Our Mission

To Respect life.
To Value each life we touch.
To Strengthen the human-animal bond.
To Serve our clients and our colleagues with skill and compassion.
To Strive for excellence in veterinary health care.
To Care.


Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center is proud to offer advanced veterinary care, around the clock. We value a team approach to patient care so all of our doctors share information and consult with one another to ensure that our patients get the benefit of an integrative team of specialists.

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