Our Staff

Amie Roberts, DVM



Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine 2015

Special Interests & Why I Love What I Do

My first introduction to veterinary medicine was as a receptionist at an emergency clinic. It taught me that providing care to animals in need, no matter the capacity of my job, is truly rewarding. It also taught me that every member of our staff is vital in providing excellent care. At EIVSC I have the opportunity to provide medical interventions while learning and collaborating with a number of colleagues as we work together to provide our patients with the most comprehensive care.


I was born and raised in Iowa. My studies provided me several opportunities to both study and/or serve in several capacities on all seven continents. I reside in Iowa City with my husband, our son and our two dogs; a German Pinscher and a Frenchie. Being the only female in the house means there is never a dull moment. We all love outdoor activities and traveling, especially when we can combine the two together.

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